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The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 
The BFC is back! I_vote_lcapThe BFC is back! I_voting_barThe BFC is back! I_vote_rcap 


 The BFC is back!

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PostSubject: The BFC is back!   The BFC is back! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 6:00 am

Finally, the BFC is back. However, with a new season comes changes. Before I get into all of that stuff, I would like to thank Kakashi for GFXing up the site and giving the BFC a fresh, new look to it. Also, a HUGE thanks goes out to Delta for coming back for another season and coming up with tons of ideas to ensure that the BFC heads into another successful season. Then of course we welcome the newest admin to the team, Mike, who helped getting the BFC ready for opening day. Enough talk about the admins, let's get into all the changes.

BFC Roster Regulations

This season, we've decided to crack down hard on how we regulate clans, and which players they use. As some of you may have or may not have known, the BFC has had a rule that once a player leaves a clan and joins another, they must wait a week before they are eligible to play for their new clan. This wasn't enforced though. This season we are going to enforce it.

~Every clan will have to submit their roster of players they'll be using throughout the season when they register on the BFC.
~This will be done on a topic on each individual clan's challenge forums, this will be explained in detail after your clan registers.
~The penalty for a player leaving a clan and joining another will be five days instead of seven. On the sixth day of joining another clan, they will be eligible to play again.
~Your players CANNOT be double-clanning. This includes Jedi, Space, Hunt, and whatever else it is that you guys do. They can only be in ONE clan. Next-generation clans are not included, nor are clans for games that are not Star Wars Battlefront 2.

~If you are caught ringing, you will be penalized.
-First time, the player gets a two-game suspension.
-Second time, the player gets a four-game suspension.
-Third time, the player gets suspended for the remainder of the current season.

~The player isn't the only person who is going to be penalized. The clan that uses the ringer will also be penalized just as heavily.
-First time, the clan forfeits the match they used the ringer in and take a subtraction of five points on the ladders.
-Second time, the clan forfeits the match they used the ringer in and take a subtraction of ten points on the ladders.
-Third time, the clan forfeits the match they used the ringer in and are suspended for the remainder of the season.

This season we are forcing all clans to keep track of their rosters. The leader of each clan will be forced to keep track of their rosters and do the necessary edits to them as the season goes on.

BFC Playoffs

Season Seven's playoffs were highly successful as all the matches were played. So, nothing is really going to be changed for this year's playoffs. The official date for when the playoffs start is August 4th, it will be starting around early August as it has in the past few seasons. For playoffs, your roster can only have a maximum of ten players. It will be double-elimination just like last season. There will be five teams just like last season... I repeat there will be five teams and that's final. Don't ask for us to make it six or seven or eight or nine or ten or a hundred. There will be five teams that will advance into the playoffs. This is the only way to keep things competitive on the BFC. Otherwise, what incentive are we giving clans to do matches if we give them free passes into playoffs? None. Being a playoff team on the BFC should mean something.

I'll explain exactly how the playoffs will go from start to finish. This was how we did last season's playoffs and we plan to keep it the same this year.

~All elimination games are best out of seven maps with the exception of the championship game (which is best out of eleven). Non-elimination games are best out of five.

-Play-in Game: The number four and five seeds will have a play-in game. This will be best out of seven. Higher seed gets the option of choosing four maps or four factions.

-Winner Bracket Round One: The number one seed gets the option of deciding whether they want to play the number three or number four seed. They cannot choose the number two seed. All matches in this round are best out of five maps as they are not elimination games. Higher seed gets the option of choosing three maps or three factions.

-Loser Bracket Round One: The losers of WBR1 are pitted against each other here. Since this is an elimination round, the match will be a best out of seven maps. The higher seed gets the option of four maps or four factions.

-Winner Bracket Finals: The winners of WBR1 are pitted against each other. It is not an elimination game so it will only be a best out of five. The higher seed gets the option of choosing three maps or three factions.

-Loser Bracket Finals: The winner LBR1 and loser of the WB Finals face off here. It is an elimination game so it will be a best out of seven match. The higher seed gets the option of choosing four maps or four factions.

-Championship: Now this is where it may get a little complicated, but stick with me here. If the team that has advanced through the winner-brackets to the championship has already played the clan that advanced through the loser brackets to get to the championship... then the map score of the previous time they played will be taken into account.

Example: Alpha vs Beta ~ 3-2 BETA wins. BETA is the team that made it to the championship from the winners bracket. If ALPHA makes it back to face off against BETA in the championship by winning the losers bracker, then the map score will start of 3-2. Meaning that only six maps will be picked. HOWEVER, if ALPHA never played BETA in the playoffs, then it will be a full best out of eleven series in the championship.

Pre-Season World Cup Top-Off

This season we've decided to kick off the season with a tournament during the pre-season. It will be done in similar fashion to the soccer world-cup. Some of you may or may not know what I mean when I say this.


Teams will be divided into two divisions. Each team will play each other team in their own division (round robin style). Top team in each division face in a championship (of 6-7 teams) or top 2 teams in each division playoff 4 seeded playoff (8+ teams). Matches will be 4v4 Class Specific, and changing classes between maps will not be allowed. Champion will receive a 12 point bonus headed into the season, runner-up 8 point bonus, and third place will receive four points. All matches will be best of 5 matches. There will be a "lotto" to see which clans end up in which division on the chat box right before the "World Cup" starts.

In this tournament, your players will HAVE to wear class tags when they play.

Class tags

Grunt - G
Sniper - $
Rocket - R
Engineer - E


BFC 24-Man Server

This season the BFC will have a twenty-four man server up throughout the entire season. A twenty-four man gives us the most bandwidth. This will allow us to have larger battles with more spectators or participants while having less lag.

~If there is a dispute over which server to use, the match HAS to be done in the BFC 24-man.
~Remember, downloaded servers (ones which are not paid for) cannot be used for BFC battles.
~All playoff battles will be done in the BFC 24-man.
~If you want to use the BFC server, then make sure to contact an admin of it prior to it. Try NOT to wait until it's thirty minutes before the match is started to ask to use the server.

BFC Streamers

~This year more than ever we will be streaming matches... with commentary. Post-game interviews, talk shows, how to play videos, and various other things will be done this year. If you want to include yourself in this part of the BFC, we HIGHLY recommend that you download Skype. Without it, we won't be able to interview you post game or anything.


~For the most part, we will only be streaming in the BFC server because in order to do streaming with commentary, we're going to need three people panels. At least one will be the streamer. Sometimes we might even have two streaming it at the same time. One will stream one side and the other will focus on the other side.

~For all streamed matches, we'll be keeping logs of statistics. The reason we'll only be keeping record of statistics for streamed matches is because we will have actual proof of their stats on video.

~We will do our best to stream as many matches as possible.

~To become a streamer contact an admin via PM.

Reporting Matches

This season, we're bringing a completely new way of reporting matches. By clicking on the Report Match forum, you'll be taken to an off-site page. There, you will fill out the forms and by doing that report it. Make sure you fill out every form accurately.

New Rules

Some of these rules have been added. Though, before they pretty much went without saying. However, we decided to add some that we missed out on.

~If Hoth is a chosen map, make sure to clarify prior to the battle, whether or not spawning in at the AT-ATs and Shield Generator will be permitted. Also make sure to clarify this for Geonosis(AT-TE).
~Two clans can only face each-other a maximum of twice per day.
~Excessive destruction and repairing of the bomb beacon or the turret on Hoth or the turbine on Tantive IV to get award weapons is not allowed.
~Glock Rule: During the warm-up timer, do not kill players on the opposing team. (The reason for this is because if you get any rewards in the warm-up timer, it will translate to the map start.) If this happens once by accident, it's fine. However, if a player is deliberately killing players on the other team then it will result in a forfeit of the map.

The reason it's called the "Glock Rule" is because Glock did this before in a scrimmage. He got flechette during the warm-up, and it translated to the map.

Make sure to read up on the rules before you start doing matches. Also, make sure that all of your members know them well.


We recommend that you allow new or inexperienced players to take part in scrimmages before they participate in a BFC battle. This will hopefully allow us to avoid rule breaking as a result of not knowing the rules.

BFC Twitter

The Twitter widget on our home page will be used throughout the season to keep everyone updated on match results and a plethora of other things. You don't have to follow us, but if you want to then feel free.



If you were a member of the staff in a prior season, then make sure to re-apply this season. Your input last season was valued and helped us tremendously. You will more than likely get re-accepted onto the staff if you were previously part of the staff.


Make sure if you do apply, that you are able to contribute consistently throughout the entire season. Don't just apply so you can say that you are a staff member.


If you want to become a part of the BFC GFX team, then make sure to post an application. Kakashi runs our GFX sector, so he'll decide whether or not if you're a good addition.


Just like if you're applying for staff, don't apply if you're not going to help more than two days. Make sure you're actually somewhat serious about contributing to our GFX team.

Season Seven Conclusion

LSJ, FEAR, FE, MNC, and STR were the clans who made the playoffs last year. To all the people who were a part of those teams, you can wear the Playoff Competitor userbar.

The BFC is back! Playoffqbar

The Season Seven Champions were LSJ, narrowly defeating FEAR 6-5 in an epic championship match that went all the way down to Death Star CTF.

The BFC is back! Bfcseason7champss

We gave out three awards at the conclusion of Season Seven, as opposed to the usual one. We’ve added two new awards: Best rookie, and Best Comeback Player.

To be a rookie, it means that you haven't played in a previous BFC season*. The person who won the best Rookie award of season seven was*...


He had a stellar season and shattered the rookie barrier by being the super-star for the playoff contenders, STR.

The BFC is back! Jjbestrookie

We also handed out an award to the person who made the best comeback. The person who won the Best Comeback Player Award of Season Seven was...


He came back after getting the patch problem in the previous season. After he fixed his patch problem, he came back for season seven and went on to be voted into the all-star game and also earn his third championship with LSJ.

The BFC is back! Scarzcomeback

Lastly, the player who won the most valuable player award was...


I feel narcissistic announcing that I won this award... so I'll just leave it at; I played every match that LSJ did in Season Seven.

The BFC is back! Aurions7

Register your clan!

The BFC is finally open! Make sure that you get your clan registered for the BFC. Fill out every form.


For the moment, it is the pre-season. During the pre-season period, ladder matches are not recorded on the standings. They are purely for practice and getting your clan ready for when the official season does get rolling. Right now, our goal is to start on May 1st. This is no guarantee. If we do not feel comfortable with starting the season due to a lack of clans participating, then we will delay the start of the season. Sometimes we get off to a slow start. But of course, I hope that we'll get off to a fast start.

Our goal this season is to get 150 matches done! The last three seasons we've broken the hundred barrier. The previous one we got to 106. I think we can do better, but it'll take the cooperation of every clan. Clans who aren't as skilled as the pros, for the lack of a better wording, do not just play the good clans and shut down on us. Fight clans who are around your skill level. Playing the top clans only is good and all, but make sure to fight more the other clans as well. This was a big reason why we saw some clans do hardly any matches. A good strategy is to try and play every clan at least once to see where you stand. You must submit challenges of your own to several different clans in order to be successful.

We wish everyone good luck, a happy summer, and a fun BFC season.
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The BFC is back!
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