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PostSubject: History   Sun May 13, 2012 7:31 pm

I started the BFC as "Blackhole" in 2007 for people who could not afford "next-gen" consoles and would be "stuck" on SWBF2 (I was only playing WarHawk on PS3 and missed the SWBF2 'community' feel). I wanted to remain an alias so people would join an unbiased tournament/ladder site - and made it almost completely through the first season without anyone knowing. I was in SOR, which did not get along with MoH so I knew that if I made one, MoH would simply not join because I was in SOR. However, after being found out, CG and I were able to see eye-to-eye enough to get through. We've been through several sites, several arguments among admins (Kratos, CG, Kakashi, and myself) but we are still around.

No playoff was instituted until Season 5 because until that time, it was usually only 30 battles a "season" (roughly 3-4 months) and only 6-8 active, non-dead clans...and even then, it wasn't poppin'. Finally put one in for Season 6, and that was our first highly successful season.

Overall the BFC has brought its drama, but also leveled out an already hugely dramatic game (see JOG), with wars and spying. Clans finally admitting to "losing". A guideline for rules that all clans can play with was established and a community which watched itself was started. Heck, even when I made mistakes in judgement I was quickly corrected by the community itself.

Now here we are, still playing this old game that most people proclaimed long dead, and even brought back a few clans and players who "never ever would go back to THAT game" (IR, SoF, DSF members, TPB members, RABiD members, AFGM, CS) - and brought in new rivalries for another season. I don't know how long we'll be playing SWBF2, but it's still fun to play and the community is still fun to hang out with.

4x Champ (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 10) [Left with crown]



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