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PostSubject: ShotDown   Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:34 pm

Other Names: Whirlwind

Notable Past Clans: MoH, LSJ, EL, AoN

Notable Class: Grunt

Achievements: All-Star


38-1 with MOH, 8-0 with LSJ, and something 5-0 with EL.

I got the game on my birthday on Nov. 4 2005, 3 days or so after the game came out. I played offline for a loooong time and it was by far my favorite game. In late August, 2007, my brother went off to college, so my mom told me she would buy something for me to make up for my brother not being around. I chose a slim ps2, so that I could finally play online on my favorite game.

I picked the name "REAPER" to initially play as. For a while, I mainly played in the official server, and I became a meannnn darkie/recon whore. I also occasionally played engineer. One night, I came across a room called -MERC-Outpost. I entered and played with the best players I had seen so far in my one week history of the game. The most notable was a guy named -MERC-Sgt.Snipes. He was the first guy I ever saw throwing a detpack. I followed him around basically all night until I had to go.

The next day I looked out for the -MERC-Outpost server, and I couldn't find it. (I learned later that it was the day of the MERC/MOH split.) I returned to life as a micless noob, playing quite often in the Official server, though this time I played only as an engineer, practicing detpack throwing.

One day, I entered a server called {AoC}Recruiting. They were a hybrid Jedi/Conquest clan, and the map was set on mos eisley assault, which I've never been good at. I played for a while, until I finally decided to visit the AoC site. I applied and they were able to instantly give me a tryout. The tryout was first conquest and then assault. I utterly failed my conquest tryout, losing 7-0 to the CL's engineer on coruscant. However, and quite ironically, I won my assault tryout 3-0. I know. WTF?! Well anyway, the clan died within two days.

Then came the fateful day that I saw a server called {MOH}Outpost. I thought to myself, "Hey, that looks like that MERC server I played in last month!" so I entered. When I got in, the map was on Kamino. I noticed that there were a couple {MOH} guys in the server. {MOH}-CL.Crapgamer, and {MOH}-CL.Snipes. "Wait a second..." I thought, "Could this Snipes guy be the same one that was so cool in the MERC server?!" After watching him play a bit, I decided that it really was him.

So I started to try to show off some of my new detpack skills. I was on fire until it happened. I tossed a detpack and accidentally blasted snipes right off the side of kamino. And there it was, clear on the screen, Reaper killed -CL.Snipes - [TK]. I was horrified, and since I had no mic to apologize with, I left the server before I could be banned. Now I was upset, because I really wanted to join this clan, so I decided to make a different name. I wanted something that suited my class, engineer, well. So that's when I thought of it, "Shotty". I reentered the server, finished Kamino, then instantly posted an application to the old MOH site. Skanky and Crappy responded quickly, telling me that I was in, but I wouldn't get in matches until I got a mic.

So that was the start of my MOH era. I became {MOH}*R*Shotty. I trained my engineer rigorously, desperately wanting to get in a scrim or a match or something. However, I knew that day wouldn't come until I had a mic. My birthday was in a month, so that's when I would be able to get a mic. Until that point, I made many friends within MOH, including Gibbles, Darth Dimir, Skanky, Higgins, and of course Crappy. Snipes didn't visit the site too often and I could never talk to him on the game. My skill was noticed by many, and I was promised a captain spot as soon as I got a mic.

So the big day came and my friend bought me a microphone. I slapped on my captain tag and became {MOH}Capt.Shotty. I continued to train engineer and became pretty good. However, crappy told me that even though I was good, I would hardly get any matches, due to the fact that we already had the likes of Snipes, Onslaught, Alphaclone (ICM), and him. He also told me that with the extended absence of fannypack, we were missing a good grunt, and that if I practiced that then maybe I would start to get some action after all. So from that moment on, I started to religiously train my grunt skills.

Pretty soon, my closest friend in the clan, Darth Dimir, got a promotion to the Darth Maul (DM) rank. I was happy for him, but I also knew he didn't deserve it. He was not as skilled as I was, and he would ALWAYS whine about everything. (Lag, Noobs, etc.)

At that point, I determined that Shotty was not the name of a grunt, so I changed it to Shotdown. Crappy wrote it on the roster as "ShOtDoWn", and that looked cool to me, so it stuck. I got decent at grunt, and helped MOH win a few matches with it. Crappy noticed and he promoted me to Major. That was around the time that the daily scrims between SOR and MOH took place. One night, during a scrimmage, Snipes wasn't on so I got the engy spot. On the first two maps I got all the awards and hardly died at all and led us to wins. The next map, we had empire on polis massa, which as we all know is tricky. We fell behind and Dimir complained non-stop, annoying both crappy, who wanted to come up with a new strategy, and me. Unfortunately, I lagged out, though I had done my damage and continued on my road to success, while Dimir was starting his plummet.

I continued to get better and better with grunt until I became respected both as a player and as a person. I earned my reputation as MOH's ambassador, because among Crap talkers like snipes, onslaught, and heuy, I was always calm and would hardly ever flame. Soon, due to Dimir's whining and rumors about him being a double agent, he quit/was kicked out (don't remember which one, it was a weird situation). This left the DM rank available at a time that I felt I deserved more in the clan. However, I had a lot of stuff going on at school, so I took a break for about a month. I was forced to hop on for the SOR battle, which was originally meant for fannypack, and I had one month of rust. We went up 2-1 but then went on to lose 3-2.

After the tragic SOR battle, (my only battle loss ever (not counting scrims/the grunts only tourney)) I was able to get on more often and continue my grunt domination. Crappy gave me the rank of Darth Maul, making me {MOH}-DM.ShOtDoWn. That was when the 4v4 class specific lineup that crappy boasts about came to be. Asap joined, giving us Rockethoe, Snipes, Asap, and me. We were unbeatable by anybody playing the game at the time. Towards the end of MOH on the front, I became the main engy because Crappy, Snipes, and Onslaught had moved on. I played with MOH until they eventually retired from the battlefront. I don't know the exact number, but I believe I went about 35-1 in matches with them in the road to MOH's 53-1 record. I continue to be a council member of MOH to this day.

Once MOH moved on, I did too. I took a break for a few months, until deciding to return to see how people were doing, and to maybe join a clan. I got to the battlefront site, and soon got a PM from kratos asking if I could join LSJ, because they had no good grunt and he really wanted to beat COS in the upcoming battle. COS was basically SOR reborn, and I wanted revenge (in a friendly way) for my only battlefront lost ever. I joined LSJ under the name Whirlwind. I trained and soon got better than I ever had been before. I played for LSJ in... uhh idk... like 7 or 8 matches? We won them all though, but soon came the COS match. Snipes and Rockethoe had been helping LSJ win a few lately, so the lineup was set. Snipes was engy (his mic was broken, he could only hear), Rockethoe was rocket, I was grunt, and Kratos was sniper.

The first two maps, Coruscant and Mos Eisley, were heartbreakingly close, and we just barely lost them. Disheartened, we went to naboo, a map that crappy said we would likely lose. The map started out terribly. COS was unstoppable, and we were down to just one base. Kratos left to take out his anger at the inevitable loss, and Snipes and Rockethoe were dead. I broke free and started running. Our base was whited out, and I knew I was the last one alive. I frantically asked Rockethoe which base I should go to. He was like, "What? You're still alive nub? Go to base 2". So I ran to base two, expecting to have to fend off the entire COS team. But nobody came. The base turned white, and nobody spawned. I could see somebody approaching on my map, but I knew that they wouldn't be there in time. I captured base two and Snipes and Rockethoe spawned in. We killed the entire team and broke out to take bases. At that point kratos returned. He was shocked to see that we still had a base, but he spawned in and started to go crazy with his sniper. We took the last of their bases and somehow ended up winning naboo.

On the start of the next map, utapau, we gained confidence that was lacking for the last map. We won it in about 10 minutes and tantive was only a formality at that point. We won tantive in what had to have been about two minutes. That was the greatest comeback I had ever seen, and likely the greatest comeback that the game has ever seen. (In a match, public servers don't count.) I continued with LSJ until I was kicked out due to the fact that people were giving MOH the credit that LSJ had rightfully earned.

I joined TD, didn't do much there because I went on vacation and TD merged with EL.
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