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PostSubject: $$PIMP$$   Thu May 02, 2013 5:17 am

Other Names: Kappa

Notable Clans: LSJ, BOT

Notable Class: Sniper

Achievements: All-Star

Winter Tournament champ with LSJ
Winter Tournament MVP

Bio: The sniper rifle in the right hands is the most terrifying, amazing and downright disgusting thing in SWBF2. Prior to the BFC’s existence, there were legendary snipers who could single-handedly carry an entire team. There are many stories of these old iconic players that are still being talked about to this day. There were tales that would describe a sniper being able to get five kills in five shots. The magnificent display of an elite sniper was one that everyone could not help but to appreciate.

The grand tales of old may be exaggerated. But there was one person in the BFC era who made you question that perhaps they might have been true. The man who made it seem that a sniper could achieve anything was $$PIMP$$. Undoubtedly, he was the most electrifying player in the BFC era. Whenever he appeared on the map, it was like lightning striking down. Absurd quickness combined with unbelievable accuracy made for the deadliest combination that could destroy any player in an instant. If you blinked, you were dead.

The greatest display his sniper has ever put forth would have to be map eleven versus FEAR. When all the chips were down on Death Star CTF, he played the best any sniper has ever played. It was as if the immense pressure did not exist for him. His focus was razor sharp and unfaltering. Bodies plopped to the ground one after the other. Players of FEAR could not even move an inch without feeling the intense killing intent of his sniper. In the end, he ended up racking eighty-two kills to ensure that LSJ was lifted to victory in the season seven championship.

While the Engineer will always be the most overpowered class, the sniper will always have the potential to take over a game. And when $$PIMP$$ does take over, you might as well drop your controller and walk away if you are on the opposite team.

In terms of who $$PIMP$$ is most similar to in professional sports, I’d have to venture out to say he would be the most like Randy Moss. Both were electrifying and explosive. You know that if they got in the zone, your chances of winning dropped to near zero. Above all else, their dominance was a spectacular thing to watch. $$PIMP$$’s or Randy Moss’ greatness will never be replicated.


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