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 Going back to open ladder

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PostSubject: Going back to open ladder   Tue May 14, 2013 8:26 am

As the title implies, we are going back to an open ladder. Unfortunately, a schedule is not doable this season... however, the open ladder will be restricted. Each clan will be limited to doing 3 matches a week. Also, you cannot play a clan a third time until you've played at least every clan once. However, once you've played a clan a third time... you cannot play that clan again in the season... unless of course you meet up with that clan in the playoffs and then it's obviously fine. The season will be ending at the end of June as originally planned. Five clans will advance to the playoffs... the bottom two will face each-other in a play-in game.

Not showing up for a match that you scheduled will result in a forfeit to the clan that did not show up. A no show is considered a no show when thirty minutes have past from when the match was supposed to happen and one side has not shown.

I'll be making a subforum for each clan soon. I'll try to get it done* as soon as possible...

Also, sorry about deleting all the posts in period one. Twas an accident... everyone will have to start back from scratch now once I've gotten all the clan subforums up.


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PostSubject: Re: Going back to open ladder   Tue May 14, 2013 8:30 am

To add, all matches must be posted in the forums prior to happening. This means you must be SCHEDULING YOUR MATCHES. This keeps things balanced for everyone, including people who have busy lives and cannot be around to play at all times. I want to personally apologize to RoR and TFR who really wanted to see a schedule done. The US clans are just a little too fragile and moving around to do a schedule. We will be enforcing teams to schedule, not just "show up to the cbox and challenge".

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PostSubject: Re: Going back to open ladder   Tue May 14, 2013 9:55 am

The vote was almost exactly 50-50 anyway, hopefully everyone can be happy and play the game like usual. If anyone has criticisms of the open ladder system the BFC has been using for the past few years, let us know in the forums. No battles have been played yet, so we can make adjustments so some things up until the first battle is actually played.

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PostSubject: Re: Going back to open ladder   

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Going back to open ladder
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