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 Hall of Fame Inductees

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PostSubject: Hall of Fame Inductees   Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:29 am

This year we will be inducting one grunt, one sniper, one rocket, and one engineer into the BFC Hall of Fame.

The grunt is KillaK. KillaK came into the scene in season six as FEAR's go-to grunt and was a big part why FEAR would go onto win the championship that year. He didn't just play grunt though. He could play any class he was asked to and he could play it at a high level. Since FEAR, he has been with MOC and has been a big reason for their success the past two seasons. KillaK is a one-time champion, two-time grunt tournament champion, 6v6 CS champion, two-time all-star and on the second "All BFC Team" for seasons seven through nine.

The rocket is A-hole. A-hole's first season was season seven with BOT, the clan he created and continues to lead to this day. It wouldn't be until season eight they became a serious contender with the additions of Bio~Storm and Dyablo. The trio of A-hole, Bio~Storm, and Dyablo was the key component to BOT's success in seasons eight and nine. A-hole may not get as much respect as the other two but it is unquestioned that his leadership and play contributed to BOT's dominance in seasons eight and nine.  A-hole has two championships, one playoff MVP, two all-stars and is on the second "All BFC Team" for seasons seven through nine.

The sniper is Stern. Stern had the most humble beginnings of the four we are inducting today. He came onto the scene in late season two playing sniper for LDS, one of the worst clans record-wise in BFC history. It wouldn't really be until season six where Stern would really play a huge part in the BFC though. In season six, he would give FOF the veteran leadership they desperately needed. With Stern at the helm, FOF would make the playoffs and would force LSJ to a fifth map in the playoff semi-finals. Unfortunately, they did not come out victorious and were narrowly defeated on Death Star CTF.  Since season six, Stern has always made the playoffs whether it have been with FE or MOC. Stern is a two-time all-star, 6v6 CS champion MVP, and is on the third "All BFC Team" for seasons seven through nine.

The engineer is Dyablo. Dyablo in most peoples' eyes is the most dominant force the BFC has had since Destroyer. He first came onto the scene playing for STR in season seven. He would get a lot of valued experience there. Unsatisfied with the state of STR, he would take A-hole's offer to become BOT's main engineer midway though season eight. He was the final piece to the BOT puzzle that would catapult them to a season eight championship. They would then two-peat in season nine where Dyablo's dominating play was put on display for everyone to see. Dyablo is a two-time champion, one-time season MVP, one-time playoff MVP, two-time all-star, and is on the first "All BFC Team" for seasons seven through nine.

Congratulations to all four of these players on being inducted into the BFC Hall of Fame. It is most deserved.

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Hall of Fame Inductees
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