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PostSubject: SWBFC Hall Of Fame    SWBFC Hall Of Fame  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 6:00 am

Before I announce the people who made it into the hall, I'd like to recognize ten players who were on the precipice of getting in.

~KillaK~ KillaK played one season with FETS before having two strong seasons with FEAR. He was the featured grunt for their season six championship run. In season seven, he became a much more versatile player and played almost every class for FEAR except engineer. That didn’t stop him from getting the MVP for his performance in the third grunt tournament though. He would also have a very clutch performance in the season seven playoffs, where he put up a score of 11-0 on one map against FE.

~$$PIMP$$~ Pimp came onto the scene in season four for LSJ, but was more of a role player in the championship season. In season five he turned it on and became the starting sniper for LSJ. He’d make an exit right before the playoffs that year due to internal conflicts. In season six, he played a limited amount. However, he’d come back with a strong performance in season seven. He was voted in the all-star-game and on map eleven, Death Star CTF, of the LSJ vs. FEAR championship would go off with his sniper as he racked up 75 kills.

~Phalanx~ Phalanx really emerged on the scene with SOF in season five. The once old-school powerhouse had resurged back on battlefront thanks to Phalanx’s contributions at rocket. They would manage to slide into the playoffs with a 10-6 record. Due to their top engineer’s, D-rose, departure right before the playoffs begun they decided to forfeit the first round to LSJ. Phalanx wasn’t around for season six, but in season seven he would make a midseason comeback with FE. He would become the anchor of the team and would be a big reason for FE’s success that season as the number three seed. Phalanx also was voted two times into the all-star-game.

~Maximus~ Maximus quickly rose through the ranks of TROT, who was in desperate need of help, and would rise to the leader position in no time. In season two, Maximus led TROT to beat LSJ in season two and handed them their first loss. It wouldn’t be until season four that Maximus would come back onto the scene big-time. While TROT only had a 4-4 record that year, they still competed heavily thanks to his dominating engineer skills. They had LSJ on the ropes and forced a fifth map. Due to Stern’s lag-out mid-map, they would come up just short of beating the undefeated LSJ. Towards the end, Maximus would also carry his team against COS. TROT had tied the maps 1-1, but one of COS’ members had to go in a controversial fashion. The match would never be finished. In season five, he would team up with LSJ but would only play in one match that season. Maximus was voted into the all-star game three times.

~D-ro$e~ D-ro$e first appeared in season three as the leader and rocket of FOD. FOD would defeat LSJ twice and would finish in second place behind COS with a 7-2 record. D-ro$e would really elevate his play in season five where he would be the top engineer for SOF and helped them to a playoff berth. For some reason though, he decided to leave right before playoffs. In season six, D-ro$e would pick up sniper for FEAR. In the semi-finals, he and Primus, had to team up in a 2on2 against MNC. Without any OL there to play, it was all on them to come through. They did, and FEAR would get into the championship. He was supposed to start against LSJ in the championship, but due to the patch problem that had randomly popped up, he was unable to play in the match. In season seven, D-ro$e would make a return with MNC. His experience would benefit MNC a lot and helped them get into the playoffs.

~BioStorm~ BioStorm was the star engineer for a pathetic LDS team that went 0-8 in season three. He was still a great player regardless of the lack of talent he had around him in LDS. In season four, he would team up with LSJ. He contributed to an undefeated 12-0 season four for LSJ. He’d stay with LSJ for a season five. He would aid in helping LSJ to a 10-1 record. Though, it was unsatisfactory compared to their season before as they were unable to come up with a championship title. In season six, BioStorm picked up sniper due to the absence of Pimp. He would excel at sniper the entire season, but would have a lackluster performance in the championship against FEAR. In season seven, he was forced to become a flex player. He had to rotate between every class except engineer for LSJ. He would play grunt in four maps in the second part of the championship. While he did go 1-3 in maps against FEAR, he came huge when LSJ was down three maps to none in the second part of the sereis. It was a big map for LSJ, and if they had lost it would have made it virtually impossible to win the championship. He came through clutch and helped LSJ win that map, Tantive IV.

~Clonewolf~ Clonewolf was the biggest part of TRS’ team in season two. He willed them to a 5-2 record, which would get TRS to second place that season. His best performance was undoubtedly in the 4v4 class specific tournament. He would carry TRS by beating SOR, Destroyer was the opposing engineer, in the semi-finals and LSJ, Delta being the opposite engineer, in the finals. He would have a few spurts of a comeback with LSJ in season three, but it was nothing too serious.

~Fallen_Blade~ Fallen_Blade is a highly polarizing figure. There is one thing everyone can agree on though. That of course would be that his shot is ridiculous, maybe even the best shot out of any grunt throughout the BFC’s entirety. Although he is highly criticized for his sometimes-selfish play, his skill can't be questioned. He would first appear on the BFC scene in season five with EL. He would make his presence known as he would have a MVP performance in the 6v6 class specific tournament. On a star-studded team that comprised of names like Rockethoe and Parallel, he still managed to be the star of the team as grunt. He would help EL get all the way to the season five championship, but would fall short. In season six, he would help END to a playoff berth. END would disband right before the playoffs however. In season seven, he would be voted into his first all-star game. On top of that, he helped FE hugely in achieving a number three seed in the standings.

~Stern~ Stern was a part of the 0-8 LDS team in season three. In season four, he would join up with TROT. He would be a big part why TROT would almost take down the undefeated LSJ. Though, due to his lag-out during the fifth map, he costed his team an opportunity to come away with a victory against the top clan that season. He would came back strong in season six with FOF. His experience would help FOF get into the gist of things. He took them to the semi-finals of the playoffs where he would once again force a map five against LSJ. Once again he came up short though as they would lose Death Star CTF. In season seven, he returned with FE. He would be a big-time contributor and turned out to be a big reason why FE would give FEAR their second loss ever as he went off on Kamino like a man possessed.

~Tmac~ Tmac would lead the once super clan IR out of seemingly nowhere in season five with his patient rocket. Tmac would come up the biggest out of all IR. While his teammates truly never shook off the rust and return to their former glory, they still managed to have a big season anyways. Tmac would lead IR in the six on six class specific tournament. They played the underdog role perfectly as they defeated DD and LSJ on their way to the finals. It would came to a screeching end as they were no match against the stacked EL team in the championship. IR would go 23-16 in season five and make the playoffs. Twenty-three wins still holds the record for most victories for a clan in a single season. That season they would be knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by TDH. In season six, he would lead IR to another playoff berth with 13-10 record. Once again, they were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

Now with all that said, I will announce the two players who did make it into the hall. Their names are…

*Drum roll*

Joshua333 and Scarz. Both are grunts. Before, Shotdown was the only grunt in the hall of fame.

Joshua333 ~ As the general of SOR, Joshua333 would lead SOR in the first ever BFC season to a championship as a grunt. He would earn the MVP that season for his great leadership and great play. To this day, no other grunt has won the MVP honor. He would later on make a little bit of a comeback with COS in season three. He received co-MVP in the COS grunt/sniper tournament and aided COS to an undefeated, no map loss season.

Scarz ~ Although he has never been known for his superstar ability, what he has been known known for was his ability to come through in the clutch and give his team the best chance chalk up a W. He won three seasons with LSJ (seasons 2,4,and 7.) He had a great showing in season six, but because of the patch he was not able to participate in the championship game. This would cost LSJ big time as they would get pummeled by FEAR 5-1. Scarz would come back in season seven and would earn the comeback player reward for his strong, consistent play. He would make the difference from last year as he helped LSJ beat FEAR 6-5.
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